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    • Kumano
    • Shrine & TempleWorld HeritageShintoism
    • Jin Shibata

    Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine (J…

    Kumano Hayatama Taisha is one of Kumano Sanzan (the Three Grand Shrines in Kumano) which includes other two of Kumano…

    • Himeji
    • CastleSamuraiWorld Heritage
    • Jin Shibata

    White Heron Castle @ Himeji (JINS_2801…

    If you visit Kyoto, please extend your legs to the Himeji Castle located near JR Himeji Station (1 hour train ride by…

    • Kanto
    • CastleSamurai
    • Jin Shibata

    Black Crow Castle @ Matsumoto (JINS_20…

    The Matsumoto Castle is called "Black Crow Castle" for its black exterior. The walls are black in color as they are c…

    • Kamakura
    • Shrine & TempleAutumn FoliageBuddhism
    • Jin Shibata

    For All Souls of Mongorian & Japa…

    The Engaku-ji Temple is ranked in the 2nd among the Five Great Zen Temples in Kamakura and, in fact, it boasts severa…

    • Kofu
    • Cherry BlossomSamuraiShrine & Temple
    • Yuki Takano

    Takeda Shrine (YUKI_1905)

    OverviewTakeda Shrine was founded about 100 years ago on the ruins of the Tsutsujigasaki manshion, where the three ge…

    • Yamanashi
    • Cherry BlossomAnimeShrine & TempleBuddhism
    • Yuki Takano

    Kuonji Temple (YUKI_1904)

    OverviewAbout 750 years ago, Saint Nichiren, who tried to save all people with the Lotus Sutra, entered Mt. Minobu an…

    • Kamakura
    • Shrine & TempleShintoism
    • Jin Shibata

    Foxes at Inari Shrine(JINS_1409)

    Foxes are a messenger of Inari DeityMore than 30,000 Inari Shrines exist in Japan. Inari means "rice grows" and the d…

    • Yonezawa
    • SamuraiShrine & TempleWagyu
    • Yuki Takano

    Yonezawa: Wagyu & JFK (YUKI_0602)…

    OverviewYonezawa City, located at the southernmost tip of Yamagata Prefecture, is the largest city in the Okitama reg…

    • Sendai
    • SamuraiShrine & TempleEmperor
    • Yuki Takano

    Jogi Nyorai (YUKI_0405)

    OverviewSaihoji Temple is rarely called by its official name, and Sendai citizens affectionately call it Jogi Nyorai …

    • ChichibuSaitama
    • Soba & UdonNational ParkShugendo
    • Yuki Takano

    Mitsumine Shrine (YUKI_1101)

    OverviewAs a resident who has lived in Saitama Prefecture for over 30 years, I can strongly recommend Mitsumine Shrin…