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    • Toyama
    • AnimeScenic ViewsBuddhism
    • Eddy Murayama

    Takaoka in Toyama prefecture(EDDY_1601…

    Takaoka is a traditional city in Toyama prefecture located on the coast of the Sea of Japan in the Chubu region on ce…

    • Tokyo
    • SamuraiArts & Crafts
    • Jin Shibata

    Samurai Helmet (JINS_1310)

    Samurai are the name of warriors in the feudal era in Japan. They wore Yoroi (armor) and Kabuto (helmet) on wars to p…

    • Nara
    • Emperor
    • Jin Shibata

    Mausoleum of the 1st Emperor Jimmu (JI…

    According to the Nihon Shoki or the Chronicles of Japan which is the 2nd oldest book of Japanese history, it is Emper…

    • Kanagawa
    • CastleSamurai
    • Eddy Murayama

    Odawara Castle (EDDY_1401)

    1. Sightseeing spotOdawara is a traditional castle town located about 40 minutes southwest of Tokyo by Shinkansen, bu…

    • Kumano
    • Shrine & TempleWorld HeritageShintoism
    • Jin Shibata

    Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine (J…

    Kumano Hayatama Taisha is one of Kumano Sanzan (the Three Grand Shrines in Kumano) which includes other two of Kumano…

    • Himeji
    • CastleSamuraiWorld Heritage
    • Jin Shibata

    White Heron Castle @ Himeji (JINS_2801…

    If you visit Kyoto, please extend your legs to the Himeji Castle located near JR Himeji Station (1 hour train ride by…

    • Kanto
    • CastleSamurai
    • Jin Shibata

    Black Crow Castle @ Matsumoto (JINS_20…

    The Matsumoto Castle is called "Black Crow Castle" for its black exterior. The walls are black in color as they are c…

    • Kamakura
    • Shrine & TempleAutumn FoliageBuddhism
    • Jin Shibata

    For All Souls of Mongorian & Japa…

    The Engaku-ji Temple is ranked in the 2nd among the Five Great Zen Temples in Kamakura and, in fact, it boasts severa…

    • Kofu
    • SamuraiShrine & TempleCherry Blossom
    • Yuki Takano

    Takeda Shrine (YUKI_1905)

    OverviewTakeda Shrine was founded about 100 years ago on the ruins of the Tsutsujigasaki manshion, where the three ge…

    • Yamanashi
    • AnimeShrine & TempleCherry BlossomBuddhism
    • Yuki Takano

    Kuonji Temple (YUKI_1904)

    OverviewAbout 750 years ago, Saint Nichiren, who tried to save all people with the Lotus Sutra, entered Mt. Minobu an…