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    • Himeji
    • Sushi & Sashimi
    • Jin Shibata

    Mushi Anago Sushi @ Himeji (JINS_2802)…

    After visiting Himeji Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Site, I dropped by a sushi restaurant "Tsurumi" (October 27, 2022…

    • Kamakura
    • Food & DrinksSweets
    • Yoko Yoshida

    Hato Sable Biscuit (YOKO_1412)

    Hato sable is one of the famous confectionery in Kamakura. It's a pigion-shaped shortbread.You may know the pigion is…

    • Kamakura
    • Tempura
    • Jin Shibata

    Tempra @ Kamakura (JINS_1411)

    One of the best Tempura restaurants in Kamakura is HITOMI in Komachi Shopping Street (2nd floor of Kotobuki Building)…

    • Yonezawa
    • SamuraiShrine & TempleWagyu
    • Yuki Takano

    Yonezawa: Wagyu & JFK (YUKI_0602)…

    OverviewYonezawa City, located at the southernmost tip of Yamagata Prefecture, is the largest city in the Okitama reg…

    • Kanazawa
    • Sushi & SashimiFood & Drinks
    • Yoko Yoshida

    Omicho Market (YOKO_1703)

    Omicho Market is a food market located in central Kanazawa. It is known as “Kanazawa Kitchen”. You can find delicious…

    • Kamakura
    • Food & DrinksLifestyle
    • Yoko Yoshida

    Komachi-dori Street (YOKO_1411)

    This is a popular shopping and eating street between Kamakura Station and Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine where many peo…

    • ChichibuSaitama
    • Soba & UdonNational ParkShugendo
    • Yuki Takano

    Mitsumine Shrine (YUKI_1101)

    OverviewAs a resident who has lived in Saitama Prefecture for over 30 years, I can strongly recommend Mitsumine Shrin…

    • Yamadera
    • Shrine & TempleSoba & UdonHistory & ReligionNature View
    • Yuki Takano

    Rissyakuji Temple (YUKI_0601)

    OverviewRissyakuji Temple, also known as Yamadera, literally “temple on the mountain”, is said to have been founded b…

    • TohokuShiogama
    • Sushi & SashimiShrine & TempleShintoism
    • Yuki Takano

    Shiogama Shrine (YUKI_0404)

    OverviewShiogama City is situated in the center of Miyagi Prefecture, between Sendai City and Matsushima Town. Shioga…

    • Tokyo
    • Vegetarian
    • Jin Shibata

    Shojin Ryori: Buddhist Vegetarian Dish…

    Shojin Ryori refer to vegetarian meals served to Buddhist monks. Following Buddhist's precept against killing, no ing…