Best Restaurant to Enjoy Tempura @ Kamakura (JINS_1411)

One of the best Tempura restaurants in Kamakura is HITOMI in Komachi Shopping Street (2nd floor of Kotobuki Building) which I know for more than 30 years.

The photos shows what I enjoyed the other day. It was a lunch menu “Otegaru Teishoku” (easy-to-take set-menu) for JPY2000. It includes assorted Tempra (deep-fried shrimp, KISU white fish fillet, SHIITAKE mushroom, vegetables …), Miso soup, a bowl of cooked rice, and pickles. Together served are TENTSUYU (dipping sauce for Tempra) and DAIKON OROSHI which is grated white radish.

My way to enjoy Tempra is …

  • Put some DAIKON OROSHI into TENTSUYU, dip Tempra into the mix, then enjoy! Recommended for SHIITAKE and vegetables.
  • Put small amount of salt on a plate, add the salt on Tempra, then enjoy! Recommended for shrimp and KISU.

Enjoy your Tempra in Japan!

by Jin Shibata

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