Hokki-ji: Integral Part of Horyu-ji World Heritage Sites (JINS_2901)

Hokkiji Temple is located in IKARUGA, Nara Prefecture, being an integral part of the World Cultural Heritage of “Horyuji Temple and its inner precincts & surroundings” (designated by UNESCO in 1993). The construction of Hokki-ji Temple completed in 708 (Nara Period) and its magnificent three-storied pagoda is the only original structure remaining from the early 8th century.

When you have a chance to visit Horyu-ji Temple, why don’t you extend your legs to Hokkiji ON FOOT for it will be a nice stroll through a local rural area. The last time I visited the two temples was late October when white and pink flowers of Cosmos were blooming as shown on the photo above.

by Jin Shibata

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