Yuki Takano

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    • Nagano
    • NinjaSoba & UdonShintoismNational Park
    • Yuki Takano

    Okusha of Togakushi Jinja, one of the …

    OverviewIn Japanese mythology, due to her brother's disorderly behavior, the Great Sun Goddess Amaterasu hid in the H…

    • Kofu
    • SamuraiCherry BlossomShrine & Temple
    • Yuki Takano

    Takeda Shrine

    OverviewTakeda Shrine was founded about 100 years ago on the ruins of the Tsutsujigasaki manshion, where the three ge…

    • SuwaNagano
    • CastleCherry Blossom
    • Yuki Takano

    Takashima Castle: An Outstanding Cherr…

    OverviewOriginally, the area around Takashima Castle was surrounded by lake water and wetlands, and it seemed as if t…

    • Yamanashi
    • AnimeShrine & TempleCherry BlossomBuddhism
    • Yuki Takano

    Kuonji Temple (YUKI_1904)

    OverviewAbout 750 years ago, Saint Nichiren, who tried to save all people with the Lotus Sutra, entered Mt. Minobu an…

    • Yamanashi
    • Mt. FujiCherry BlossomWorld Heritage
    • Yuki Takano

    Oshino Hakkai (YUKI_1903)

    OverviewThe melted snow that fell on Mt. Fuji was filtered through lava rocks, underground impermeable layers, over s…

    • Yamanashi
    • Mt. FujiCherry BlossomWorld HeritageNational Park
    • Yuki Takano

    Lake Kawaguchi at the foot of Mt. Fuji…

    OverviewLake Kawaguchi is counted as one of the Fuji Five Lakes located at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji, and is desi…

    • Yamanashi
    • Mt. FujiShrine & TempleCherry Blossom
    • Yuki Takano

    Arakurayama Sengen Park, one of the mo…

    OverviewFrom this hilltop park, you can overlook Fujiyoshida City and Mt. Fuji, and the photographs of Mt. Fuji, cher…

    • Yonezawa
    • SamuraiShrine & TempleWagyu
    • Yuki Takano

    Yonezawa famous for Wagyu Beef & …

    OverviewYonezawa City, located at the southernmost tip of Yamagata Prefecture, is the largest city in the Okitama reg…

    • ChichibuSaitama
    • National Park
    • Yuki Takano

    Icicles of Misotsuchi, a photogenic sp…

    Art of Nature in WinterYou can appreciate ice art created from the harsh winter environment unique to Oku-chichibu in…

    • Sendai
    • SamuraiShrine & TempleEmperor
    • Yuki Takano

    Jogi Nyorai (YUKI_0405)

    OverviewSaihoji Temple is rarely called by its official name, and Sendai citizens affectionately call it Jogi Nyorai …