Sad news: My favorite Anago Don restaurant in Kamakura closed (JINS_1406)

A very sad news to me. Sakai which was a restaurant serving Anago Don was closed on June 30, 2022. Anago Don is a Japanese dish of a bowl of rice (DON) with cooked sea eel (Anago). Una Don (a bowl of rice with Unagi eel) may be more popular than Agago Don but Anago Don @SAKAI in Kamakura was special to me. Sakai was in a few minute walk from Sugimotodera and its simmered Anago was so soft in texture and its TSUME was a perfect sauce covering Anago. TSUME is a traditional Japanese flavoring made from mixture of MIRIN sweet sake, SHOYU soy sauce and sugar. I stop my grunting here and will visit the vicinity to find an alternative for lunch!

by Jin Shibata

Dave king statue at Sugimotodera Temple

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