Superman with Wings in Kamakura (JINS-1401)

There are twelve TENGU statues placed in the precincts of HANZOBO (or HANSOBO) Shrine in Kamakura. They are serving HANZOBO DAIGONGEN enshrined at the shrine which is playing a role of a guardian of the KENCHOJI Temple and its surrounding areas. According to a folk belief, they can fly over mountains as they want with wings on their backs. If something supernatural happened, it was caused by TENGU’s magic. With a fan they have, they can create a strong wind. Do they look like Superman, an American hero?

The HANZOBO Shrine is located in 15-minute hike-up from the KENCHOJI Temple. It is at the altitude of about 100m, commanding a great view of the Sagami Bay beyond forests of Kamakura. If the sky is clear, you will be able to see Mt.Fuji. Actually, the place is a trailhead of KAMAKURA ALPS. I think I should write a beauty of the trail in another blog.

by Jin Shibata

View from HANZOBO Shrine; the Sagami Bay & the Kenchoji Temple

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