One of Best Sweets: Koi Matcha Anmitsu (JINS_1303)

What is “Koi Macha Anmitsu” ???

“Koi Matcha Anmitsu” is a variation of “Anmitsu (An-mitsu)”, one of my most favorite sweets of Japan. It fits all seasons but best a very hot summer.

Koi means “thick”, while Matcha refers to “powdered green tea”. An-mitsu consists of two words; “An”(sweetened red beans) and “Mitsu” (brown syrup made from sugar cane ), which makes a representative sweet “An-Mitsu” of Japan. But, “Koi Matcha Anmitsu” is far more than the traditional An-Mitsu. The following shows what makes “Koi Matcha Anmitsu” (served at “Kikumaru” in Tokyo) different from others!

a) Monaka-no-kawa. A thin sheet or skin (kawa) of a wafer used for “Monaka”. Its dried texture helps you continue enjoying a cold ice cream.

b) Koi-matcha. Ice cream flavored with a thick matach green tea taste. Its subtle bitterness enhances the sweetness of other ingredients. 

c) Nashi refers to “pear”. This is a piece of pear which is added for a crispy texture. 

d) Sakuran-bo. A cherry seasoned with a sweet syrup. 

e) Anko. Sweetened red bean paste. 

f) Gyuhi. A piece of slightly elastic cake made from rice powder

g) Mikan. A representative Citrus of Japan

h) Kanten. A processed food made from TENGUSA (agar, an edible sea plant) . Low calorie but rich in dietary fibers.

i) Aka-endomame. A genus of the red bean family, featuring its wet but crisp texture. 

i) Mitsu, A brown syrup made from sugar cane grown in the Okinawa Islands. It is poured onto other ingredients before you start eating. 


Koi Matcha An-Mitsu brings you the perfectly harmonized sweetness and deliciousness by 10 different ingredients. The total calories must be much lower than sweets in your country …

by Jin Shibata

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