Asuka II starts on a voyage from Yokohama Port (JINS_1414)

Yokohama is a home port for Asuka II, an ocean voyage cruise ship which is the biggest among ones owned by Japanese shipping companies. In the evening of December 14, 2022, Asuka II left Yokohama O-san-bashi or Great Pier for her voyage to the Setouchi Inland Seas.

A short video below captures ASUKA II leaving Osanbashi. The scene was taken from Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse District which is a shopping and dining facility built in time-honored redbrick warehouses in Yokohama International Port. Xmas Market is being held there until December 25 and the video features the composition of a big shining Xmas tree and Asuka II leaving the pier.

Jin Shibata

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