Shirakami Sanchi in Beautiful Autumn Foliage (JINS_0501)

In Shirakami Sanchi Mountain Range, a World Natural Heritage Site in Japan, leaves of beech trees start turning to yellow in color from early October, then gradually transition to a shining color of reddish brown, finally fall in early November. The process takes about one month.

The photos were taken during a trekking from the trailhead of Kurosawa-guchi, to Tanashiro Swamp and to the top of Mt. Fujisato Komagadake in Shirakami Sanchi on October 16, 2022. The lower part of the cover shot (above) is Tanashiro Swap adorned with yellow-colored leaves of beech trees and red-colored leaves of maple, Miyama Nara (beech family) and others. If you move your eyes to the top of a mountain (in the direction to the top of Mt. Fujisato Komagatake), you’ll notice that colors of autumn foliage transition to reddish brown. At the very top, leaves started falling. The altitude gap is about 400m which shows the color transition of one month just by your one glance.

Twigs and branches of beech trees which have no leaves look like silver wire works, which is another beauty provided by Shirakami Sanchi. I should write an article about this!!!

Why don’t you plan to visit Shirakami Sanchi in October next year to check out the autumn foliage in World Natural Heritage Site?

Jin Shibata

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