Cherry Blossom River Sides in Tokyo (EDDY_1313)

The cherry blossom season is from late March through April in Japan. In Tokyo, it is from late March to early April. The blossom is in full bloom only for several days. The followings are popular cherry blossom spots along rivers in Tokyo.

1. Meguro river
Access: Nakameguro station
Features: Along the river, you can enjoy about 800 cherry trees.

The Nakameguro Sakura Festival is held during blooming season. There are many shops selling local foods including sweets and snacks. At night cherry blossoms are lit up by lanterns, making a perfect place to enjoy the nature beauty.

2. Sumida river
Access: Asakusa Station
Features: More than 1,000 cherry trees line the river.

Along the Sumida river, which is the biggest river in Tokyo, you can see cherry blossoms from a big boat which regularly runs between Asakusa and Hinode pier or Odaiba.The area stretching from Azuma Bridge to Sakura Bridge on the Sumida River is a super famous hanami spot and has been for centuries. You can see Tokyo Skytree tower there.

3. Oyoko river
Access: Monzen-nakacho station or boat ride from Nihonbashi

The Oyoko river is a small river connected to the Sumida river. Small boats offer cherry blossoms viewing service during the cherry season. It is amazing to see clouds of cherry just in front of you.

■■ Cherry blossom tour in Tokyo
Tour: Tokyo Cherry Blossom Viewing(1-day model plan EDDY_131)

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