3 Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom Parks in Tokyo

The cherry blossom season is from late March through April in Japan. In Tokyo, it is from late March to early April. The blossom is in full bloom only for several days.
The followings are amazing cherry blossoms spots in Tokyo.

1. Chidorigafuchi and Kitanomaru Park
Access: Kudanshita Station
Features: Illumination during blooming season until 22:00

Hundreds of cherry trees decorate the moats of the Imperial palace. Many people enjoy cherry blossom from rental boats. Night views are fantastic, because the trees are lit up. I like this spot very much because the contrast between cherry blossoms and water of the moat is amazing.

2. Shinjuku Gyoen Park
Admission: 500 yen, Open: 9:00 to 16:30
Access: Shinjuku-Gyoen-mae Station or Sendagaya Station
10 minuted-walk from Shinjuku Station

It is a very large botanical garden featuring more than one thousand cherry trees of over a dozen varieties. There are not only Japanese gardens, but also an English landscape garden, a French formal garden and a forest called Mother and Child’s forest. There are spacious lawn areas, so many people enjoy picnics. I recommend you buy a box lunch at a convenience store before entering the park, and eat it under cherry trees.

3. Ueno Park
Access: Ueno Station
Features: Illumination during blooming season until 22:00

Ueno is one of the most popular and crowded hanami spots in Tokyo. There are over 800 cherry trees along the central path, and people picnic on both sides, using blankets or tarps to claim whatever space they can. Lanterns are strung up, so you can party on into the evening.

■■ Cherry blossom tour in Tokyo
Tokyo Cherry Blossom Viewing (EDDY_1301)

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