Amazing Shibuya scramble crossing and the famous Hachiko statue

Shibuya is one of the busiest districts in Tokyo. Over 3 million people use Shibuya station, because many train lines and subway lines gather there. In front of Shibuya station, there are very popular sightseeing spots for visitors such as Shibuya scramble crossing and the Hachiko statue.

1. Shibuya scramble crossing
Near the JR Shibuya station, there is a Shibuya crossing. It is the famous Scramble Crossing, the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. Someone counted the number of people crossing at the same time. At the busiest time, over 3,000 people commute each time the traffic light is green. Crossing in five directions, this is a mass of humanity. Many visitors watch and experience crossing. For Japanese, it is not interesting, but for foreigners it is exiting.
This area looks like Tokyo’s version of Times Square.

2. Hachiko statue
Many visitors are waiting for their turn to take photos with the Hachiko dog statue near the scramble crossing.
In the 1920s, this Akita dog usually came to Shibuya Station to wait for his owner, a professor of Tokyo University, to arrive back from his daily commute. One day his owner did not return from work, because he suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage. However, Hachiko returned to the same spot to wait for his owner every day for the next nine years.” The dog has become a symbol of enduring loyalty nationwide, and the statue was built.
Based on this story, the American movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale “ was created. In this movie, Rechard Gere acted as the professor.

3. New facilities
Near the scramble crossing, there are more attractions worth visiting such as Shibuya Hikarie, Shibuya Sky, and Shibuya Yokocho.

The Shibuya Hikarie is a skyscraper offering many fashion shops, restaurants. The Shibuya Sky is located at the top of Shibuya Scramble Square building. Its observation deck offers a 360-degree view from 229 meters high. Shibuya Yokocho is a cluster of izakaya serving local dishes from different prefectures in a cozy and nostalgic setting.

4. Location
Shibuya is located in west Tokyo.

5. Reference
(1) Tokyo Travel Guide by TCVB

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