Short trail for beautiful entire view of Mt.Fuji (JINS_1419)

Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan (3,776m) . Its beautiful shape can be seen from many places. Out of them, the view from Mt.Kintoki (1.212m) in Hakone must be the best of the bests. The photos (above & below) were taken from the peak of Mt.Kintoki, the highest peak on the outer rim of the Hakone Mountains. Because of no obstacles between Mt.Kintoki and Mt.Fuji, you can get the whole shape of Mt.Fuji from its outskirt to top in the shortest distance.

Where does the name of Kintoki come from?

According to a legend dating back to the 10th century, a big boy whose name was Kintaro was living in Mt.Ashigara (the current Mt.Kintoki) in Hakone. His name was well-known beyond Hakone for his outstanding physical strength of traveling around the Hakone Mountains by riding on a black bear with a big broad axe. Minamoto Yorimitsu, one of the distinguished Samurai leaders, had Kintaro join his forces. Changing the name from Kintaro (childhood name) to Kintoki, Kintoki rendered distinguished services, being one of Shiten-no (the big four Samurai) of Minamoto Yorimitsu’s clan. The name of Kintoki was given to one of the peaks in Hakone. A shrine was established to enshrine the soul of Kintoki as its deity.

The photos above were taken on the precinct of the Kintoki Shrine. The peak of Mt.Kintoki is seen through the Torii gates (photo left). A broad axe, the symbol of Kintaro, hangs on the wall of the shrine’s office.

Why don’t you enjoy a short trekking to the peak of Mt.Kintoki with me? I am a professional trekking guide (JMGA Stage II certified)? Here is the link to Jin’s profile.

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