Okinawa’s Kimono @Tokyo National Museum (JINS_1306)

TNM (Tokyo National Museum) must be one of the best places to learn about Japanese arts and cultures. The museum changes displays of its collected items in a certain interval and Kimono, a traditional Japanese clothing, is one of them.

In March, 2022, Okinawa’s Kimono was displayed (photo). The style is called Bin Gata in Okinawa dialect (Bin for various colors ; Gata for patterns). In Bin Gata, applied is the local dying technology where minute particles of natural mineral pigments are used. The strong sunshine in Okinawa is essential for Bin Gata because it works to fix vivid colors of mineral pigments on fabrics. Other regions in Japan would not be able to mimic Bin Gata.

Jin Shibata

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