Samukawa Shrine (JINS_1416)

Samukawa Shrin is called ICHI-NO-MIYA (the 1st and most important shrine) in SAGAMI (currently named Kanagawa Prefecture). It is actually located in the prefecture’s center and can be reached by about 70-min trip from JR Yokohama Station. It has been worshipped by local people since its foundation (16 centuries ago) for it enshrines the unique guardian deity who presides over Happo-yoke which is to remove calamities of Happo or eight ill-fated directions.

Sumukawa Shrine is one of my most favorite shrines because of its magnificent architectures such as a great Torii Gate, Shin-mon Gate (adorned with Nebuta Warrior Dolls during the new year holidays) and a magnificent main worship hall.

I visited Samukawa Shrine again during the 2023 new year holidays for a new year wish. The Omikuji (fortune telling paper) which I drew says my 2023 year should be KICHI, a lucky year, if I simply pursue my goals without thinking too much. Got it!

On top of photos pasted below, please enjoy a one-minute video !

Jin Shibata

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