A Park adorned with Beautiful Yellow Foliage (JINS_1307)

Could you identify the name of the park by the above photo of The Thinker in the yellow foliage background?

The Thinker is one of the great works by Auguste Rodin. There are four places in Japan where The Thinker is placed: Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya and Kyoto. Could this info be the 1st tip to the quiz?

Before you get the answer, let me put more photos from this park. While there are many Momiji maple trees whose leaves turn to red or scarlet, this park should also boast autumn yellow foliage by Icho gingko trees. Shown below are just a few examples depicting its beauty. Actually, right after you go through an exist of the nearby JR station, Icho trees welcome you.

Besides “orginary Icho” like the above photos, there is an extraordinarily huge Icho whose branches with yellow leaves weeping and hanging over your head. It appears that green leaves of this “weeping Icho” turn to yellow about a week later vs. “ordinary Icho”. It is located on the property of a national museum in the park (2nd tip to the quiz?).

Coming back to the photo of The Thinker in the background of yellow foliage of Icho, let me give you the 3rd tip to the quiz: the independent bronze sculpture The Thinker is placed on the same ground where The Gates of Hell exists. The Gate of Hell is another great work by Robin and he actually conceived the figure of The Thinker as the primary motif of The Gates of Hell. In fact, The Thinker it is placed at the upper part of the composition of The Gates of Hell, being much bigger than other figures.

Given these three tips, now you should be able to identify the name of the park which is beautifully adorned with yellow & golden foliage by Icho.

Jin Shibata

You can find the answer to the quiz from the following!

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