Colorful Tori-no-ichi Rake Fair @ Asakusa Otori Shrine (JINS_1309)

“Tori-no-ichi”is an annual event held on the day of “Tori” in November at O-Tori Shrine in Asakusa, Tokyo. “Tori” “refers to a rooster which is one of the twelve symbol animals in “Eto” or the Zodiac. There were three days of “Tori” in November, 2022, and November 28 when I visited the event was the last day.

Tori-no-ich is actually a fair where many stalls are selling KUMADE which is an object with many lucky items attached on a bamboo rake. The shape of the rake looks like KUMA-NO-TE or KUMADE (a hand TE of a bear KUMA), being believed to have a divine power to collect fortunes. People, especially those who are running business from a Sushi restaurant to a big company pay a visit to Ohtori Shirne for their prayer for further prosperity, stop by a Kumade stall on the shrine’s precincts and obtain an auspitious Kumade.

When your deal of negotiating the price of Kumade has been done, you and sellers at the Kumade stall perform San-San-Nana-Byoshi or 3-3-7-beat by clapping their hands in a rhythmical way which symbolizes their prayer for further success in business.

Jin Shibata

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