Do not miss info for Airplane Photo Lovers (JINS_1302)

Do you have any interest in taking photos of airplanes taking off and landing on an airport? If so, please do not miss visiting several places in and around the Haneda Airport.

Observation deck (5F, T2 second terminal)

The observation deck faces the east, commanding the view of C Runway. You’ll be able to take photos of airplanes on C Runway with the background of the Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Sky-Tree.

taking off C Runway

Observation deck (RF-7F, T1 first terminal)

The observation deck provides views of A Runway and airplanes parking in front of T3 international terminal. If you were lucky, you would be able to see Mt.Fuji which appears silhouetted against the sky. I have not been lucky enough to enjoy viewing the Japan’s highest mountain from the airport, so far.

Public Parks around Haneda Airport

There are several public parks from which you can observe airplanes reaching or leaving Haneda Airport. Photos below were ones taking by those parks.

making a steep turn after taking off C Runway

approaching to B Runway in evening twilight

by Jin Shibata

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