The guide will arrange an itinerary based on your choice and request.
Sensoji temple in Asakusa

Modern and Old Tokyo Tour from Makuhari and Narita (Eddy_015)

This tour takes you to central Tokyo from Makuhari, Chiba or Narita. Visiting spots are selected from the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

(This is a example. The guide arranges the itinerary as you like.)
9:30 Meet at your hotel in Makuhari or at a station
(1) Odaiba
(2) Sumida river cruising to Asakusa
(3) Asakusa : have lunch and visit Sensoji temple
16:30 back to your hotel

Visiting Spots

(1) Odaiba

Odaiba is a modern artificial island in Tokyo bay. With space age buildings, the Gundam statue and fantasy shopping malls, Odaiba is a futuristic entertainment district. You can see panorama of central Tokyo over the Rainbow bridge.
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(2) Sumida River Cruising

It is nice to see Tokyo from the river. (fare for adult: 1720 JPY (Asakusa <-> Odaiba))
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(3) Asakusa

A landmark of Asakusa is Sensoji temple which is the largest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. Nakamise shopping street is an ideal place to see local snacks and souvenirs.
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Important Information
Number of guests: up to 6
Meeting Time: at 9:00 am (recommended, flexible)
Meeting Place: at your hotel in central Tokyo
Dismissing Place: at your hotel or at the nearest station
Serving hours by the guide: 7 hours per day

Tour Price:
(1~4 persons) 26,000 JPY per day
(5~6 persons) 28,000 JPY per day
(Including) guiding fee, transportation expenses (the guide)
(Not including ) transportation expenses (you), meal (you and the guide)

Estimated local cost:
transportation expenses:  (note)
admission fee: (note)
lunch: 1,000~1,500 JPY
(note) The guide will inform you after making the itinerary.

Important documents:
Before you apply for this guide tour, you need to read the following explanation.
Booking Process
Terms & Conditions

(1) We walk a few km. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
(2) If the weather is not good to walk, we might stay at a museum or a shop near our destination.
(3) If you want to check availability of the guide, please click this and come back to this page to contact the guide.

Contract Type: Custom-Ordered
Tour ID (Item ID) : EDDY_133
Guide: Eddy Murayama

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