Last chance of cherry blossom in Yokohama (JINS_1417)

Today (April 9th), I enjoyed viewing the full bloom of “Sato-Zakura” cherry blossoms in Yokohama.

“Sato-Zakura” is a species whose blossoms are double-flowered (multi-layered petals) and come into full bloom usually 10 ~ 14 days after “Somei-Yoshino” which is the most prevalent Sakura in Japan. This year (2023), Somei-Yoshino came into full bloom around March 22 ~ 23 in Yokohama and Tokyo. It is apparent that the theory of 10 ~ 14 day delay of Sato-Zakura works for this year, too. This means even if you miss viewing popular Somei Yoshino in Tokyo, please do not get disappointed because Sato-Zakura cherry blossoms in Yokohama will entertain you 10~ 14 days later.

Photos were taken today at Kikuna Sakura-yama Park in Yokohama.

There is a good story behind the creation of the park. A developer purchased the area adorned with Sato-Zakura cherry trees from a land owner for constructing a huge apartment but local people staged a big opposition movement, which finally had Yokohama City purchase the area from the developer to convert to Sakura-yama Park. Local people love the place and help maintain the beauty of the park.

On top of photos pasted above, please enjoy a one-minute video which was taken at Kikuna Sakura-yama Park on April 13, 2022.

Jin Shibata

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