Tour in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, World Class Facility

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. It deals with the biggest amount of combined capital of any stock exchanges in Asia. You can tour the TSE facility to see the inner workings of Japan’s economy. It is truly educational and fun.

1. TSE Arrows
TSE Arrows is the name of the place for disseminating securities market information to the public. TSE is the largest stock exchange in Japan and an important financial center in the world together with New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. TSE provides investors with real time market data, and supports listed companies in disclosing corporate action information.

You can see some facilities including the Market Center where personnel from TSE’s Equities department are monitoring the market situation.

2. Visitor area
Visitors can access to facilities and resources on securities and finance.
(1) Four statues
The four bronze statues in the lobby represent the four factors that contribute to the economy: industry, commerce, agriculture, and transport/communication.

(2) TSE historical museum
The museum showcases the history of the Japanese securities market and TSE. Each historical artifact is grouped by period.

(3) Market center
The market center is surrounded by a gloss cylinder 17 meters in diameter. This is where all stocks listed on TSE are supervised in real time and also a scene often depicted in national and international media.

(4) Ticker
The ticker at the top of the market center runs busily, and the perimeter is about 50 meters long. Each time there is a trade in the market, the ticker shows the price of the stock.

(5) Listing Bell
Companies that have passed a rigorous examination ring the bell at their listing ceremony. It is held on the first day of trading of the newly listed stock.

3. Special program
(1) English guided tour
Foreign visitors can take a guided tour of Arrows. (Reservation required)
Hours: Monday to Friday except holidays, 13:00 to 14:00 & 14:00 to 15:00
 JPX PR Video (Approx. 20 minutes)
 Explanation of TSE Arrows from the 2nd floor gallery (Approx. 30 minutes)
In some circumstances the guided tour may not be available, so please check availability beforehand.

(2) Stock Trading Game
Visitors can play a stock trading simulation game, using news and corporate information in a virtual securities market. Visitors can use 2 terminals for stock trading simulation at any time.

4. Tips of investment
All of us want to be financially ready for old age but investing seems a bit intimidating.
The following three tips are believed to reduce risks for beginners.
 Think the LONG TERM
 Gradually and Consistently GROW WEALTH
 Don’t forget to DIVERSIFY ASSETS

5. Access
The TSE is a short walk, about 5 min., from Kayabacho and Nihonbashi stations on the Tozai, Hibiya, and Toei Asakusa lines.

6. Reference
(1) A booklet of the TSE “Visitor Guide Book”
(2) The site of the TSE

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